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Joyce Harlow

About Joyce Harlow

Joyce Harlow is a Houston-based artist, photographer, and author.

Joyce attended The Glassel School of Art in Houston, Texas taking classes in printing, sculpture, assemblage, and photography


The Susie House

They say that everyone has a novel in them. Mine happened by chance. After my father died, my mother gave me a small packet of letters that she had stored in her Bible dating from 1909 to 1936. Laid out in chronological order, they gave a snapshot of that place and time around The Great Depression. After my father’s funeral, I rode back to the home of my Aunt and I asked her about the Susie House and how it got its name…

Art Awards

Photographer’s Guild

Third place for body of work at Photographers guild.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention for the Body of Work ~ Toast


“Only First Half Competition” Grand Prize 2016

Sculpture Contest

Grand-Prize Winner in the “New Artists” Category 2015